Falling pregnant, giving birth and becoming a mother, has been a life changing experience for me.

Pregnancy and Post Partum came at me hard, in a beautiful, messy, transformational kind of way. With some complications affecting my pregnancy, birth and recovery, I felt lost at times and wanted desperately to hear from other mum’s who’d had similar experiences to me.

There were times where I felt like it was one thing after another. My wonderful husband, family and friends would often tell me, it’s OK, this will pass, you’ll get through it. And while I knew they were probably right, some days I just wanted to sit down with another mum and have her tell me, it definitely was going to be OK, because she’d been there and done that and it was OK in the end.

My mission with this Podcast is to empower new mums with real life accounts, helping the post partum period feel less overwhelming. Been There Mom That is a collection of stories and insights from mums from all walks of life.

We all have stories to tell and we all have unique challenges, struggles and triumphs. I am so proud and grateful to these beautiful women for being brave, opening up and sharing their journeys in the hope that it will touch a new mum or mum to be’s heart, in a positive way.

HannaH x

Imagine what the world would look like for women if we championed each other’s honesty and sought to do the same. Wouldn’t it look like we are not alone at all but rather connected in that honesty?
— Jess Nelson, Midwife in training, Mother, Good Human